1. Burn  CD in DAO mode only. .Use only good quality CD-R, I don't care of the mark (Sony, verbatim, maxell, imation...)

2. Please don't write anything on the CD. Just insert a piece of paper to clearly identify the CD

3. I trade 1 CD for 1 CD . I can also burn DVD-R & DVD-video : I trade them at 1 DVD for 2CDs or 1 DVD for 1 DVD

4. If you want something in my list & you have nothing to trade, I can trade my stuff for Megadeth items not listed in my collection or regular (2nd hand or new) CDs from other bands, metal or industrial (see the list below)

5. No more mp3 shows. I try to check all my CDs with freq analyses but if I send you an audio show & after analyses, you discover it's an mp3 sourced show, please don't blame me cause I've got it as an audio show. But  please let me know, so I 'll do a correction and eventually a replacement.

6. If you send me a show with gaps, clicks, or TAO, I want to know it BEFORE you send or I'll ask you to replace it. If you don't do it, I'll add you to the "bad traders list".

7. If you contact me first, & we have never traded before,  you have to send your CDs first.

8. I  always post my packages in "priority mode". I can send in registered if needed, just let me know.

9. UPDATE : I trade audio shows only in FLAC format now, but i can also send your selection burnt on cd-r audio




ALL Megadeth audio/dvd show i don't have (or better source / mp3 upgrade / different or better source)

ALL shows i don't have from :

Psychic TV / T.G / Thee Majesty
Coil / Death in June /Sixth Comm
Sol invictus / Current 93

and also some (not all) shows from :

Metallica (only shows from the 80's)
Slayer / Iced earth / Suicidal tendencies
Overkill / Death / Joy division



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